G-DECK is a robust lightweight access system which provides safe working platforms with suitable and significant loading capacities that enables numerous works to be carried out efficiently at height.

Although G-DECK is a system originally utilised in traditional house building and construction, it also offers itself to the wider market including the industrial and domestic sectors providing safe working platforms and fall preventative safety measures for site operatives who work in different areas throughout the building phase.

Once installed G-DECK provides the end user with a safe and cost effective structure which can be adjusted to different heights with ease, it is designed to be the strongest working platform available on the  current market. With 600kg per m2 loading capacity, which is three times stronger than other comparable systems.  G-DECK is the only working platform that can be truly free standing (if needed), therefore  is not required to be enclosed within a wall to wall environment like the plastic alternatives need.  G-DECK can operate successfully as a simple builders trestle, a working platform and a tower all using the same components making it a “one system does all’