Restoration Scaffolding

We ensure a full understanding of works, taking the time to understand our customers requirements. Our role is to provide an efficient and safe service to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service at a highly competitive price.

We assist in solving your maintenance requirements within one call, cutting down on both workload and paperwork, let us do the hard work!

Every site and job is individually inspected before any work is commenced and a full site specific method statement and risk assessment is rigorously carried out. All dangers and risks are eliminated or reduced to a minimum so you and your employees can work as freely, quickly and safely as possible.

The products & systems we provide are:

  • Commercial building both new and old

  • Confinement, where high debris is expected and is needed to be controlled i.e. where the general public could be present

  • Walk on netting

  • One off installations

  • Refurbishment / Non-standard work specialists

  • Bespoke design

As our jobs are all site specific our pricing structure is much the same, to save us all wasting time and money running round the country we have designed this easy to complete quote specification document to give us as much information about your site and requirements as possible.

Eshton Hall – temporary roof structure